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The Zoni were mystical ghost-like beings of energy, who had the ability to manipulate time and space to their will using bio-energy. The Zoni are neither robots or a biological life form, but are actually made of pure energy and must wear metal suits to survive in other dimensions. The Zoni were a hive-mind, making them much more powerful when in groups.[1] The Zoni helped Ratchet and Clank on their journey for the Lombax Secret. For a long time, they were only visible to Clank and gave him visions to see into the future, the ability to slow down time and new Gadgets; the Robo-Wings and Geo-Laser. At the end, now visible to everyone, they took Clank and said it was "time to come home and learn who he is and who he will become".

They appeared at the end of Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty in the Breegus Nebula in a dark room with Clank suspended in a blue light. Clank was talking delusively, and the Zoni assured him that "the doctor" would be able to "repair" him. A door then opened and in walked (or rather, in fell) Dr. Nefarious.

In Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, the Zoni were shown to assist in the maintenance of the Great Clock. Their numbers were originally at over 117,000, but Nefarious's Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler either chased them away or killed them[source?], reducing their numbers to less than 205. Ratchet was able to find the lost Zoni and return them to the Clock at the end of the game.

Zoni was also an unlockable skin to Clank in Secret Agent Clank.


Eons ago, the Zoni gave to the Fongoids the ability to travel through time. But the excessive use of this power caused a small rip in the space-time continuum destoying 83 celestial entities. Luckily, Orvus and the smartest Zoni in existence constructed the Great Clock at the center of the universe (give or take 50 feet) to repair the damage and keep temporal normality. In A Crack in Time, the Zoni were scattered around the Polaris Galaxy due to Dr. Nefarious' meddling, and Ratchet had to rescue them in order to find Clank. Orvus was the leader of the Zoni and creator of the Great Clock.

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