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Lieutenant Commander Zephyr, or just Zephyr was one of the two caretakers assisting Talwyn as she searched for her father, and often helped her, Cronk and Ratchet in various battles throughout the game. Zephyr was named after the code name for the Xbox 360 and boasted about how he had superior networking capabilities, similar to the 360[source?]. He might also be named after one of the levels in the second world of the game Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, another game created by Insomniac Games[source?]. He and Cronk were constantly battling over who was superior, as they had both been Warbots years before the present Ratchet & Clank universe. He wielded a gun that fired three shots at a time, while his shots were faster and weaker, Cronk had a weapon to the opposite effect. Zephyr was often portrayed as being senile, as opposed to Cronk shown as being stupid.

Given that he was an elderly robot, Zephyr often recited memories of past battles he and Cronk fought together in, however their credibility could easily be disputed. One such story was be heard after the battle on Reepor, where Zephyr told Ratchet about the time he fought Undead Zombie Dung Dragons on the Folsteroid Plateau, which were, according to Zephyr, formed by the planet's radioactive sun. The pair had to fight their way out using a rusty spork and a roll of toilet paper they stole on Igliak prior to the battle.

Cronk and Zephyr fought in nineteen galactic wars, three interstellar battles, one planetary misunderstanding, and a lunar argument together.

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