A video game character is the main character (or side story characters) from a video game. A good example would be Mario or Pac-Man. For a very long time, characters have been the stars of video games. Most people from movies or books become video game characters.

History and creation Edit

Video games were first created in the 1950s when Tennis for Two was created. Later on, Atari released the game Pong becoming a very famous video game. Later on, video games began using stories and characters such as Pac-Man released in 1980. As the years went by, many video games not known to have characters released other games revealing the character, such as Dig Dug

. Classic games don't use video game characters as much as today's video games. Today, video games are releasing as a series using one character throughout the entire series, such as Grand Theft Auto using Niko throughout the games.


 Classical video game characters Edit

One very popular video game character from the 1980s was Pac-Man. Pac-Man appeared everywhere in the United States. Pac-Man instantly became popular, however, once the game Frogger was released, the game character Frogger

had become more popular. There was a huge conflict and later Pac-Man triumphed, however, both series continue to release more and more video games using the same character. Frogger is still very popular but Pac-Man is more popular for his shape. He is also known as "The Dot-Eater".
Frogger 2


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