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Last Ninja 3

Influenced by

Last Ninja, Last Ninja 2

Vendetta is a beat 'em up video game released by Studio 3 in 1989 for the Commodore 64.

Plot Edit

A group of terrorists have kidnapped the a professor working on a bomb as well as his daughter. A few weeks later, they have started to make impossible demands and have threatened to detonate a miniature nuclear weapon if the demands are not met.

The protagonist, initially armed with only a knife, decides to rescue both individuals. Along the way, he collects other weapons and evidence to convince other police officers to let him continue his work, as he heads to an army base, a bobby-trapped airplane, and finally central park where the the terrorists make the last stand.

Influence Edit

The game Vendetta was based on the same rendering method and display used by Last Ninja, but used a rewritten engine. This game engine was then used for the game Last Ninja 3. [1]

Acclaim Edit

Vendetta received 93% from ZZap 64 [2]

External Links Edit

  1. Last Ninja fan page, "The Vendetta engine was written from scratch and then used as the basis for LN3."
  2. ZZap 64 Issue Feburary 1990, page 016

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