ToeJam and Earl is a video game released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. It had two followers, ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron for the Genesis and ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth for the Xbox. It received overall good reviews, but it's known for being hard to categorize in a genre because of the way it played, differently from other games.

ToeJam & Earl

Story Edit

The story is basic--two aliens, ToeJam and Earl, from Planet Funkotron, decide to ride their spaceship. ToeJam decides to let Earl drive when he asks, and Earl accidentally crashes the ship into a meteorite, and the ship falls to Planet Earth. Their goal is to collect the missing pieces of their spacecraft so they can escape the planet.

Gameplay Edit

You can choose from a one-player game as ToeJam, a one-player game as Earl, or a two-player cooperative game with both ToeJam and Earl. They walk around different lands on the planet and use elevators to teleport them to other places. You can often find food (good being things like fudge cake and cherry pie, okay being things like watermelon and cereal, bad being things like moldy bread and fish bones) and presents. Sometimes, presents can lose you a life when you open them, other times they give you some useful things like hi-tops, which make you run faster, or Icarus Wings, which let you fly. The presents only last for a limited time, but you can use/open them by pressing the A button. If you hold the A button while walking, you can sneak past some enemies (Earthlings). While exploring the planet, you may also find a mailbox, which lets you buy things if you have enough money. But not everything is like it seems. Originally, to buy something, you go up to a mailbox and press A, but the mailbox can be a trick, chasing you and eating you if you don't run fast enough. Two-player mode is the same, except that when you move too far away from each other, the screen splits. ToeJam and Earl is mostly a simple game that was probably meant to be played with two-players, although it does offer single-player mode.

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