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Tobruk Crater was the capital city of Novalis and home to the Novalis Chairman. As its name implies, the city was located within a crater. It was surrounded by a valley filled with several houses for the citizens, and a river runs through the city. There were massive cave and pipe systems within the crater, and a series of skyscrapers lie on the other side of the city. Drek started his planet-building scheme on Tobruk Crater despite the pleas of the people. When the Novalis Chairman protested Drek's request to extract Tobruk Crater and insulted him, Drek had him dragged off and launched an attack that left much of the city in ruins. The citizens fled the crater on escape transports, leaving the city deserted with the exception of the invasion forces. It is unknown what has become of the city since then.

Tobruk Crater is where Ratchet and Clank acquire the Courier Ship from the Chairman following the destruction of Ratchet's Ship and it is where they first meet the Plumber. He gives them an Infobot for Planet Aridia in exchange for some bolts to pay for his escape from the planet.

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