The Sims: Unleashed (released September 25, 2002) is the fifth expansion pack for The Sims. It adds many new features, such as farming, going to community lots and about 125 new objects. However the main new feature is the ability to own pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish or reptiles).


New NeighborhoodsEdit

New ObjectsEdit

  • Dog houses
  • Dog bowls
  • Dog baths
  • Cat trees
  • Cat scratch posts

New FamiliesEdit

New NPCsEdit

New CareersEdit

New Building ThemesEdit

Other New FeaturesEdit

  • Adopt Pets: Adopt a cat or dog from the local adoption center, players cannot command pets to use objects.
  • New skills for pets: Train your Pets so that they can have skills like housebreaking, hunting, obedience and tricks.
  • New interactions: Rubbing, playing, clapping, praising and scolding. Pets can even enter a pet show.
  • Inventory - Sims also have an inventory, where Sims store objects such as pet collars, vegetables (grown from gardens or bought from a market) and pet treats.
  • Build on vacant lots: Players can now build houses on vacant residential lots.

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