The Sims: Makin' Magic is an expansion pack for The Sims released on October 28, 2003. It was the last expansion pack to be made for The Sims, with The Sims 2 coming out in 2004.


New NPCsEdit

New ObjectsEdit

New NeighborhoodsEdit

Other New FeaturesEdit

  • Crystal Clear Ability Rocks
  • MagiCoins
  • The ability for Sims to perform magic charms and spells, which work much like to cooking meals from a recipe book. Ingredients are added to a Sim's inventory, from where they are used with the correct equipment to produce an item of food, or charge the Sim's magic wand with a spell, or produce a charm. These ingredients, which are many and varied, can be purchased in MagicTown or made at home with various machines and items that can be purchased.
  • The ability to have a dragon as a pet.

New Building ThemesEdit

  • Magic carnival
  • Tuscany
  • Spooky shingles and vines

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