The Sims: House Party is the second expansion pack released in March 28, 2001 for The Sims.


New ObjectsEdit

  • Catering tables
  • Dance floors
  • Themed bars, turntables and fireplaces
  • Campfire
  • DJ booth

New NPCsEdit

  • Dancers: Buy a cake, and hidden inside is a party dancer, they are sexy, both male and female. But if a kid is at home, a gorilla will appear instead. They will flirt with your Sims, married or single!
  • Drew Carey: He will appear if you're throwing a great party. He will go to your home by a limousine.
  • Ghosts: Have a creative Sim tell a story around the fireplace, a ghost might appear!
  • Mime: Throwing a bad party? The mime is here to crash the party making it better. Beware of his hands, though, as he will steal item from your home!
  • Caterer: Hire a caterer to keep the plates full at the debutante ball.

New Building ThemesEdit

  • Western country saloons
  • Hawaiian Tiki
  • The electronic rave.

Other New FeaturesEdit

  • House party: Sims can throw a party, and invite a large number of Sims to his or her house.
  • New Soundtrack Music: Rap, Techno, Country, Beach, and Disco
  • New costumes: From togas to beachwear, all are available if your Sims wanted to throw a Greek party or beach party.
  • Roasting marshmallows

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