System Shock 2 is the sequel to the game System Shock, and is a FPS/RPG hybrid in a Sci-Fi horroor setting.

Changes Edit

From the predecessor, System Shock has the following differences:

  • Standard FPS mouse control; inventory and HUD items are reached by switching to to inventory mode rather than interaction mode.
  • Cyberpoints, used to upgrade skills and abilities.
  • Primary and alternate fire.
  • Additional items types, including body armor, cyber enhancements, alternate ammunition, and others.
  • Currency, store systems and containers, which may be interacted by hacking.
  • Reloadable weapons
  • Weapon degredation
  • Removal of fine-tuned leaning and crouching
  • Omittion of hollywood-style "cyberspace" hacking, and replaced by a quicker minigame.
  • Replacement of independent difficulty settings into a single scale (which affects attributes and upgrade costs.)
  • An optional training area.
  • In a patch, a cheat console and multiplayer co-op.

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