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Street Fighter is a fighting arcade game released in 1987. It was developed and published by Capcom and is the first game in the Street Fighter series. However it did not achieve as much popularity as its sequel Street Fighter 2.



Ryu fighting an opponent.

The player can play as Ryu and a second player can play as Ryu's friend Ken. The character will fight in one-on-one matches against fighters from around the world. The player had to defeat the opponent under 30 seconds. He must defeat the opponent by knocking their energy all the way down. Winning two rounds will take him defeat the opponent and take him to the next battle. If the third round ends in a tie the computer player will win automatically. The controls consist of a joystick that can be moved in eight directions and six attack buttons, three punch buttons and three kick buttons. Using the buttons in combination with the joystick can result in crouching punches and kicks. Special moves can also be used by using specific direction and button commands.


Ryu- is the main character the player uses in the game and is a Japanese martial artist.

Ken- Ryu's former sparring partner and friend can be played as a second player.


From the U.S.

Mike- a former heavyweight boxer.

Joe- a martial arts champion.

From England

Eagle- bodyguard of a wealthy family.

Birdie- a bouncer who is a professional in boxing and wrestling.

From Japan

Retsu- an excommunicated martial arts instructor.

Geki- a ninja that wields a claw.

From China

Gen- an old killer who has developed his own bloody martial art.

Lee- expert in Chinese style martial arts.

From Thailand

Adon- disciple of Sagat.

Sagat- last opponent and "Emperor of Muay Thai."

Special TechniquesEdit

Special techniques can be used when using certain movement and button commands.

Dragon Fist Hurricane Kick Psycho Fist

Creators and DevelopersEdit

The game Street Fighter was directed by Takashi Nishiyama (AKA "Piston Takashi") and planned by Hiroshi Matsumoto (AKA "Finish Hiroshi"). After the game was developed the two left Capcom and would later help in the development of "Street Fighter IV."