Vectrex Star Hawk overlay.

Developers: Cinematronics (arcade)
GCE (Vectrex)
Publishers: Cinematronics (arcade)
GCE (Vectrex)
Genre: First person shooter
Release date(s): 1977 (arcade)
1982 (Vectrex)
Number of players 1-2 simultaneous
Input methods 8-way Joystick, 1 Button
Platforms Arcade, Vectrex


Starhawk was a first person shooter arcade game made by Cinematronics (which was later ported to the Vectrex). Up to two players could play simultaneously, destroying ships that flew over a planet by positioning their onscreen cursors on the ships while firing. The games were timed, which the player(s) had two minutes to score at least 10,000 points (or a multiple thereof), which would lead to an additional 20 seconds worth of gameplay added to the clock. However, the alien ships would become harder to hit as a difficulty increase, as they would speed up. If the 10,000 point goal (or multiple thereof) was not met in time then the game would end.

A Command Ship that appeared from a corner would make a warning sound as it appeared, which, if destroyed quickly, would give the player 800 points. If the ship wasn’t destroyed, it would subtract 800 points from the player(s’) score.

Vectrex portEdit

The Vectrex port played pretty much the same as the arcade original with only a few minor changes.

One occurred when the Command Ship was destroyed, which resulted in the planet below speeding up for several seconds, plus the player’s cursor (who shot the ship) would double in size and they would receive double points for several seconds. The game also started off with one minute on the clock, not two, plus the vertical walls of the trench did not quite line up with the end of it. The ratio of the Vectrex's screen was also smaller, making the game easier, plus it also had a game that made use of its analog controller (which would not work with modern day converted digital controllers). The game was also called "Star Hawk", rather than being one word.


A modern day online version was created in 2010, which included the Vectrex port feature of the target site and point value doubling when the Command Ship was destroyed.

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