SONIC the hedgehog series realesed by sega as well as numroues spin off comics four antimated shows and a animated OVA. the first game was realesed june 23 1991 to provide sega with a mascot to rival nintendos flagship character mario since then sonic has become one of the worlds best known video game characters with his series selling more than 80 millon coppies. in 2005 sonic was one of the first video game character inductees into the walk of game alongside mario and link. while many induvisuals at sega had a hand in sonic creation yuji naka and artist naoto oshima are genrally creditited creation of the character. sonic is a blue 15 year old anthropomorphic hedegehog who has the abilty to run at supersonic speeds and the abilty to curl into a ball primarily to attack enmies. thourghout the course of his video games

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