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Skid McMarx, more commonly spelled Skidd McMarxx, was a professional hoverboarder. He was a stereotypical skateboarder/surfer-dude, possessing a laid-back attitude and intelligence (or lack thereof) that matched this personality


Ratchet & ClankEdit

Skid let Ratchet take his place in a big hoverboard race because his ship crashed on Aridia. Skid needed Ratchet to kill the sandsharks so he can make it to his ship. When asked why he won't kill the sandsharks himself, Skid claimed to had "sprained his ankle," yet he can walk to his ship once the sandsharks were dead. He also had an agent of the same race, before he crash-landed.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your ArsenalEdit

Skid was chosen for the Q-Force for his "nerves of steel," despite chickening out and letting Ratchet do the work in the original game. His claimed specialty is Black Ops, and he volunteered to help Ratchet with his quick skills with the Hacker on Aquatos, where he requested that he is referred to by his code name "Shadow Dude." Later on in the game, he was kidnapped by Courtney Gears and taken to her home planet on Obani Draco. He was then used as a dummy to test the Bio-Bliterator, which turned him into a robot. How he was changed back from his robot state at the end of the game is not revealed, but earlier on Big Al had said that it may be possible to reverse the transformation. Skid can be seen in the end cutscene, at the Secret Agent Clank premier, back to normal and sitting with his agent from the original Ratchet & Clank".

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