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The Shady Salesman was a traveling black market merchant who made a living from selling rare or illegal weapons and gadgets for hefty prices. Ratchet and Clank first encountered him in Blackwater City on Rilgar, where he offered to trade a (presumably illegal) RYNO for Clank. Ratchet joked around about accepting, and refused, but bought the RYNO for a pricey 150,000 bolts. It was shown in the epilogue that he had been caught and put on trial, pleading not guilty. He apparently was declared innocent or escaped jail as the duo later encountered him outside the Megacorp Games arena on Joba, where he sold them a Levitator so that they could get in even though it was sold out. He claimed he had to "relocate", and hadn't been seen since. He appears to be the same species as Skid McMarx.

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