SPORE is a popular creative video hame designed and published by Maxis. The game allows the player to program the lifespan of an alien and plan how they grow. SPORE has recieved many awards as did its counterpart, The Sims. SPORE is going to be used for eduacational reasons, teaching about evolution.


Synopsis Edit

Creation Edit

The player starts off as a cell and begins to grow by eating. The more the player eats and mates, the bigger the player becomes and eventually the player gains intelligence. Once grown legs, the he'll crawl on to the land and adapt with the rest of the species. After more intelligence is gained the species begins using agriculture and raising animals. They seperate in tribes and begin to war each other. As they advance through intelligence, they begin to develope more technology.

Games Edit

PC Edit

  • SPORE: Galactic Adventures

DS Edit

  • SPORE: Creature Creator

Wii Edit

  • SPORE: Galactic Adventures

Xbox Edit

TBA (There is an upcoming release for the Xbox)

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