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Qwark's headquarters were located on planet Umbris, and was home to a gauntlet that Ratchet and Clank needed to complete - as described in the Infobot video that had been previously shown to them by the superhero at his trailer at Blackwater City - if they were to team up with Qwark to defeat Executive Chairman Drek. However, the duo was quickly betrayed when the captain left them for Snagglebeast food.

It was also at Qwark's HQ that part of the Infobot commercial for Big Al's Roboshack was filmed, depicting Captain Qwark trying to fire a malfunctioning weapon at his own Snagglebeast.

After Captain Qwark was defeated by Ratchet, it would seem that he abandoned the outpost or lost possession of it, as a magazine shown at the game's end revealed that the facility was up for auction.

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