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Orxon was a planet in the Shadow Sector, and was the homeworld of the Blarg.

Orxon was a heavily-industrialized world filled with Raritanium mines, which caused the horrendous pollution that has rendered the planet virtually uninhabitable. Most Blargs were forced to wear oxygen masks in order to survive in the poisonous atmosphere, and the planet became overpopulated. Due to the actions of Chairman Drek, Orxon became polluted and the Blarg were forced to find a new homeworld. Ignorant to the fact that Drek had polluted Orxon, the Blarg were perfectly happy to die achieving his goal - extracting the choicest planetary portions of other planets to use them to create a new one. The heavy industry and research taking place on Orxon further fueled this goal. Despite the poor living conditions, many Blarg remained on the planet to fulfill Drek's demands, and it still had an active defense force. The planet was also filled with ravenous mutants.

Presumably, the Blarg were forced to remain on Orxon after Drek's New Planet was destroyed and work to clean up the pollution. It is unknown who succeeded Drek as Chairman, as Drek was killed by Ratchet and Clank.

In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Orxon was used as a gauntlet course for DreadZone contestants, and the world had been "terraformed", as it was raining. Their goal was to destroy a Blargian factory. The factory workers were due to receive advanced notice so that they could evacuate (the next day!).

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