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Novalis was the second planet introduced in the Ratchet & Clank series, and was home to The Plumber. Upon arrival, Ratchet crashed his ship on the surface of the planet, forcing him and Clank to go and locate a new one.

Their arrival on the planet allowed them to witness its destruction. Because the Novalis Chairman had refused to order the evacuation of the planet to leave way for the extraction of the Tobruk Crater, Chairman Drek had ordered its invasion, resulting in a mass bombardment of the city located within the crater.

While Ratchet and Clank explored the waterworks, The Plumber informed them that most of the population was fleeing, but that he couldn't leave himself because of "socio-economic disparity." However, the duo helped him by buying his Infobot for 500 bolts, which contained coordinates to planet Aridia.

Later, they were able to rescue the planetary chairman, who offered them a courier ship so that they could leave the planet and then continue looking for Captain Qwark.

Aside a small population of Amoeboids in one of its larger caves, Tobruk Crater appeared to be a generally clean area of Novalis full of villages, caves, and sewers.

The climate and appearance resembled Earth, much like Pokitaru.

After Ratchet left Novalis, it was apparently destroyed and not visited again by Ratchet, although you can still return later to it in the game.


  • Tobruk Crater

Items on NovalisEdit

  • Aridia Infobot
  • Kerwan Infobot

Characters on NovalisEdit

  • The Plumber
  • Novalis Chairman



  • Peckbots
  • Birdbots
  • Blarg Bombers
  • Amoeboids

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