New York! New York!

New York! New York! title screen shot.

Developer: Sigma Ent. Inc.
Publisher: D. Gottlieb & Co.
Genre: Shooter
Release date: 1980
Number of players Two alternating turns
Input methods 2 way joystick, 1 Button
Platform Arcade Game

New York! New York! is an arcade game that pits players defending the city of New York (which is evidenced by the onscreen rendition of the Statue of Liberty) over two stages of gameplay.

The first stage involves shooting several alien ships that swarm in various attack patterns while firing down at the player’s laser base. During this stage, a special bonus target will also appear, resembling a fast-moving ferris wheel that takes several hits to be destroyed. It would encourage players to "come on! Come on!" and "hit me! Hit me!" via voice synthesis.

The second stage pits the player against one lone Leader Ship[1] (which is comprised of the letters "UFO"), which flies around the screen shooting. If the player is able to destroy the Leader Ship then the game cycles back to the first stage.

Getting shot or rammed by any of the alien ships would cost the player a laser base and the game would end when all bases were destroyed.


The game was released in upright and cocktail models. It was also one of the earlier arcade games to have speech synthesis.



  1. From the New York! New York! flier.

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