Mappy cabinet

Mappy is a platformer arcade game rleased in 1983. Mappy was developed by Namco and licensed and released in North America by Bally/Midway. The gameplay revolves around the mouse cop, Mappy stopping the cat thief Mewkies and their boss Nyamco (Goro in U.S.).

Game playEdit

Mappy game

Mappy bouncing on a trampoline.

The mouse cop, Mappy goes through a huge mansion to stop the Mewkies and take back stolen goods found in the mansion. The Mewkies will chase Mappy through the whole mansion while Nyamco hides. Mappy must retrieve all the stolen valuables such as TVs or computers in the mansion to get to the next level. The Mewkies will follow Mappy wherever he goes in order to capture him. The action button will allow Mappy to shut and close doors. Mewkies will be stunned temporarily if hit by a door when it is being opened. Opening the doors that light up will release a wave that can carry away the enemies and push them out of the house. After a short time more will come down from the roof. The trampolines are help for getting to the top or bottom floors. Each trampoline can be jumped on only three times before collapsing. If Mappy were jump onto a trampoline and lands back on the floor the trampoline will change back to the normal green color. Pushing the joystick in the desired direction when Mappy is in the air will cause him to land on one of the six floors. However he cannot jump onto a floor when coming downward. Stolen Valuables to retrieve: Radio- is worth a 100 points. TV- is worth 200 points. Computer- is worth 300 points. Painting- is worth 400 points. Safe- is worth 500 points.


Nyamco (AKA Goro)- The red cat who is the leader of the Mewkies will try to hide behind stolen goods and avoid Mappy. Hitting him with the sound wave will give 200 x 4 points.

Mewkies (AKA Meowkies)- the feline underlings of Nyamco will try their best to harm Mappy and stop them from doing their crimes.