Koopa Troopas are the most common enemies seen throughout the Mario series. While they are typically seen as footsoldiers of Bowser's Koopa Troop, there are some are more peaceful and not affiliated with Bowser.

Mario Bros Edit

Koopa Troopa Mario Bros

In Mario Bros., the first enemy encountered is the Shellcreeper. This character was later converted into the Koopa Troopa known today.

In this game, the enemies are attacked from underneath to be flipped over. The player then needs to jump up to the platform above, and jump on the turtle to knock him off screen. Failing to defeat the enemy will cause it to change colors.

Super Mario Bros. Edit

In Super Mario Bros., there are two different kinds of Koopa Troopas, Green and Red. Green Koopa Troopas will walk off ledges and platforms, often to their death. Red Koopa Troopas will not do this, and will turn around.

Mario Party Edit

Koopa Troopa Mario Party

In Mario Party, the Koopa Troopa is the guide that appears at the beginning of the map. He gives a quick description of the area, and gives 10 coins each time a player passes the starting area.

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