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The Jowai Resort was a popular vacation location on planet Pokitaru. However, since the Blarg began dumping their toxic waste into the ocean, many of the tourists were eaten, and those lucky enough to avoid this fate fled. The Resort was on the brink of closure when Ratchet and Clank arrived. They agreed to destroy the enemy Blarg forces in exchange for the Resort's last 02 Mask, which the Resort regularly sold for free prior to the Blarg's arrival. Ratchet destroyed all of the toxic dumping ships using the Resort's private security starfighter, halting the mutations of the local wildlife. However, much damage had been done to the local ecosystem. The Resort suffered from a lack of business for a while, but it is presumably back in business. Bob's Roboshack was also situated here. After the events of "Deadlocked", the duo returned here for a holiday.

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