The IRIS Supercomputer was the largest, ancient and most powerful supercomputer in the history of the Polaris Galaxy.[1] It was a major factor regarding the storyline of the Future series as it aided Ratchet and Clank on their journey.


Built by an unknown race eons ago, the identity of IRIS' creators as well as its purpose had been long forgotten. IRIS once served as the ultimate search engine for the universe, but afterwards it resided deep in Pirate Territory, sealed off from the public. Its only master was the duplicitous Captain Romulus Slag who restricted use of the IRIS Supercomputer to educational purposes only; the crew were not allowed to download games, music or alternative cinema without Slag's approval or see IRIS without getting past the Pirate Rogue Shamus McSoggeybridges.

IRIS continued to be used as a form of intergalactic encyclopaedia and oracle. Some believed that the sheer computational power and massive storage of this supercomputer (this mysterious behemoth was said to have an IQ of three billion; the equivalent of 170 Terachnoid Sages or three Billion Holo-net Fanboys) gave it the eerie ability to predict future events. IRIS had a female personality, and spoke with an accent.

In A Crack in Time, it was revealed by Pollyx during a radio broadcast advertising his new computer helpline that the Terachnoids aided the construction of the IRIS Supercomputer. An in-game message revealed that Terachnoids were voted the most intelligent race in the universe several thousand years in a row, meaning that either a race more intelligent than them asked for their help in designing IRIS, or that the IRIS Supercomputer was built within this timeframe, giving some indication to the approximate age of IRIS.

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