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Hoven is a planet in the Solana Galaxy. A desolate world covered with ice and snow, and is covered in ice mining facilities. It is here that Chairman Drek first tried to eradicate the planet from the map using the PlanetBuster Maximus, which was manufactured at the Hoven Bomb Factory by the Blarg. The water on Hoven is the coldest in the galaxy, and anyone who falls into it will be flash-frozen for eternity.

Located in the Solana Galaxy, Hoven is covered in ice and snow. Despite the cold climate, there is still some flowing water. Ratchet cannot swim in it, however, and if he falls (or jumps) into it he will become frozen and the level will restart. Large mountains pierce the ice, and various companies use these to build there Raritanium mining facilities to dig deep beneath the surface for the precious metal. The Blarg used the planet to build the PlanetBuster Maximus, which was built at the Hoven Bomb Factory. Edwina also built her Roboshack here, which was located in a mountain pass that could only be accessed by climbing through ice caves.

The planet had very little life forms: the small predator Anklebiters, are the only known species on Hoven.

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