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Heretic is a First-person shooter developed by Raven Software, using the Doom engine to depict a fantasy setting. It is the first game in its storyline, and produced the direct sequels Heretic II and Hexen.

New features Edit

In relation to Doom, Heretic added the following features:

  • Partial vertical free look (controlled by keyboard only)
  • An item inventory, which allowed powerups and other equipment to persist across levels (although you couldn't stockpile too many)
  • Two weapon firing modes (the second being available from a powerup)
  • Dedicated deathmatch levels
  • Variable transparency (used by "ghostly" monsters)

Source code Edit

The source code for Heretic was released in early 1999 under a non-commercial distribution license, 2 years after the release of Doom. The code was later re-released udner the GNU GPL on September 4, 2008, over nine years after the Doom engine.

Source ports Edit

The release of the Heretic source code produced several ports:

  • Vavoom
  • jHeretic
  • wHeretic
  • WinHeretic and GLHereteic
  • LinuxHeretic

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