Gravitar is a shoot 'em up arcade game released by Atari, Inc in 1982.

It was the first of over twenty games Mike Hally designed and produced for Atari, including Star Wars.


In the game, the player controls a small blue spacecraft. The game starts in a fictional solar system with several planets to explore. If the player moves his ship into a planet, he will be taken to a side-view landscape. Unlike many other shooting games, gravity plays a fair part in Gravitar: the ship will be pulled slowly to the deadly star in the overworld, and downward in the side-view levels.

The player has five buttons: two to rotate the ship left or right, one to shoot, one to activate the thruster, and one for both a tractor beam and force field.

In the side-view levels, the player has to destroy red bunkers that shoot constantly, and can also use the tractor beam to pick up blue fuel tanks. Once all of the bunkers are destroyed, the planet will blow up, and the player will earn a bonus. Once all planets are destroyed, the player will move onto another solar system.

The player will lose a life if he crashes into the terrain or gets hit by an enemy's shot, and the game will end immediately if fuel runs out.


Gravitar wasn't very popular. Many existing arcade machines were converted to Black Widow, which utilized the same hardware. Its only port was to the Atari 2600. Originally, it was only offered to members of the Atari Fan Club, but in the late 80s, when Atari was attempting to revive the Atari 2600, it was released to the public. During that time, the games had a red label, whereas the previous version had a silver label. Because the silver label version was released only to Atari Club members, it was harder to find than the red label version. Today, the silver label version is considered a collectors item.

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