Gaul (ガウル Gauru in Japanese) is the Ape King and a loyal servant of the Dark Master. He is the one who led the raid on the Dragon Temple on the night of Spyro's birth and when he stole Cynder's egg. He also planned to revive the Dark Master from the Well of Souls so the Apes can get revenge on the Dragon race and to satisfy thier lust for power in the impression they would be rewarded. Gaul's apes later re-captured Cynder and held her at the Mountain of Malefor until Spyro turned up and killed him by turning him to stone, then breaking it after Spyro became infused with the Dark Master's powers by passing through the beam that Malefor was coming out of. Gaul's apes became skeletons and were enemies in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


Gaul is a disgusting, hairy wart-covered enormous ape with one eye as a green shining jewel. Several scars run across his demented face, suggesting that Gaul is a seasoned fighter. He has a purple, horned helmet that looks very similar to a Viking's helmet. He weilds a pair of schimitar swords and a long magic staff and he may have a hammer.


Gaul attacks in various ways. Most of the time, he will chase you around the room; if you get too close to him, he will unleah a flurry of powerful slashes (three of these slashes will kill Spyro). If this doesn't work, Gaul leaps into the air and stabs down with both sword, sending out a shockwave of green energy. The various green fires around his throne room seem to enhance his shockwaves, so it's best if you destroy them to increase your chance of survival. His final stab is the strongest, but it will cause his blades to get stuck in the ground (Two small stabs will kill, and the final strong stab is a one-hit kil move). After recovering, Gaul would sometimes hurl a smoldering, green fireball in your direction (this is not a strong attack, but still must be avoided).

In the second stage of the fight, Gaul seems to be able to use his jewel eye as laser beam(it is useful for pushing Spyro off the edge). He also can transform into a tornado that blows Spyro off the platform. It is aslo seen that he can summon fireballs to fall from the sky and explode near the ground. In the middle of the cutscene, Gaul lost his swords and his staff. He now weilds his gauntlets, that have a long tapered point. He will chase Spyro around the platform, and if Spyro gets to close, he will swipe with his gauntlets; usually three attacks will kill Spyro. Gaul is definately a force to be reckoned with.

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