Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge is the fourth game in the Frogger series that came out in 2004. There are four characters Treeby, Tad, Lily Frog, and of course, Frogger. Treeby is a green frog that is slightly bigger than Frogger. Tad is the smallest of the group and is a blue frog. Frogger is the same regular green frog that we see and know. Last, Lily is Frogger's girlfriend who is a pink frog and has blue pig-tails and a yellow back-pack. Each level has different frogs starring in each level. Frogger is the main star, Lily appears in about two less levels, Tad only has one level which is the final level, and Treeby is not in any levels, except in the arcade and two player mode. The levels start out with Frogger and Lily watching their frog babies. But Swampy comes to ruin the fun and kidnaps all the frog babies and Lily and Frogger see that they are gone they run towards the frog babies that have fallen out from a tear in Swampy's bag. Lily and Frogger go around to each location and try to find their lost babies. They split up and the first level is Frogger in the garden, finally, Lily and Frogger ambush Swampy on a bridge. Swampy takes one of the babies and throws some of the babies towards the Old Mine and The Pyramid. Lily goes to The Pyramid and Frogger goes to look for the babies in the Old Mine. A short cutscene comes along and it's Lily trying to open a gate that leads to a rocket that Swampy used to escape into outer space. Frogger catches up with Lily and are finally able to open the gate. Frogger takes the ship up to space and must avoid all the rigged traps that Swampy set up in order to kill Frogger. Meanwhile, Lily heads into a strange and confusing factory in order to shut all of Swampy's traps down. Frogger and Lily find Swampy's hide out and Frogger tries to take the easy way in. The door opens, but only Frogger makes it inside. Swampy rigged the rug in the front mat as a trap-door and Lily can't make it in to the house in time. Lily is kidnapped and is held in a chamber that is about to be burned in lava. Frogger goes down and tries to save Lily, but gets caught himself as well. Now who should come in but Tad. Tad is timed and saves Frogger and Lily. The day is saved all thanks to Frogger, Lily, and Tad.

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