Final Fantasy III is the third game in the Final Fantasy series, focusing on the story of four orphans. It was originally released for the Famicom in Japan, and was recently re-released for the Nintendo DS.

In the US, the name Final Fantasy III was used to refer what's now called Final Fantasy VI.

Gameplay Edit

Final Fantasy III played similarly to the previous games. This edition of Final Fantasy introduced the concept of jobs, where the characters may choose one of several classes as they become available. Additional changes are as follows:

  • Class-specific abilities, such as jumping, have been added.
  • As with Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, there was a limit to inventory, but there is now a Fat Choboco that allows storing extra items in a separate storage.
  • Basic attacks now automatically retarget to other monsters if they die. Spells will not.
  • Characters can change rows during combat.
  • While baleful polymorph (such as mini and toad) status were introduced in Final Fantasy II, this game required them in order to access some locations.

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