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Eudora was a beautiful forest planet with the best trees in the galaxy. Covered in forests, this planet was home to many woodland animals. This made it an ideal location for Chairman Drek to harvest trees for use on his new planet, which was in the middle of construction (see above). He sent an army of lumberjack robots to the planet, under the control of the Robot Lieutenant. They built a large logging site in the forests and sent flying lumberjack devices everywhere, even leaving a few weapons lying around. They got the required number of trees, but for his own amusement Drek ordered the Lieutenant to destroy all the remaining trees as well anyway. They presumably never fulfilled this order due to the Lieutenant fleeing the site when he was approached by Clank. Eudora was presumably still recovering from the effects of global deforestation.

Characters on EudoraEdit

  • Robot Lieutenant



  • Axe Bot
  • Saw Bot
  • Blarg Trooper
  • Large Axe Bot

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