Eldstar is one of the seven Star Spirits in Paper Mario. His name says it all – he's the elder of Star Haven and he's seems to be the leader of the other Star Spirits. He has a large white mustache, white eyebrows, and dark green eyes.


Paper MarioEdit

Eldstar, along with the other Star Spirits, visits Mario after his loss to Bowser during the opening moments of Paper Mario. While Mario is asleep, Eldstar comes to him in a dreamlike state, and tells Mario that he must go to Shooting Star Summit. He then disappears, and when Mario asks the Toad about it, he tells Mario that he didn't see anyone go in or out.

When Mario arrives at Shooting Star Summit, Eldstar is waiting for him. He and the other Star Spirits tell Mario that Bowser has captured them, and that they are only talking to him through a spiritual link, and soon will not be able to. He tells Mario and Goombario that to stop Bowser and save Princess Peach, he must first rescue the Star Spirits.

Eldstar is guarded by the Koopa Bros. and is the first Star Spirit rescued. He grants Mario the powers of Refresh and Focus.

"Advice From The Star Spirits" EntryEdit

Eldstar's "Advice From The Star Spirits", from the Paper Mario instruction booklet is as follows:

Eldstar's Hint: When you see a "!" mark, explore.

"Mario, my boy! When you see an "!" on the Field Screen, press "A" to investigate. You may find hidden switches or other things that will open closed roads. Hitting trees with your Hammer is also a fine idea. You may just knock down coins or other items that are stuck in branches."

Make sure to search bushes, signs, and other places that catch your eye. Stand next to a tree, then use your Hammer.

Mario Party 5Edit

In Mario Party 5, Eldstar is the guide of party mode. Like in Paper Mario, he is the leader of the Star Spirits.

Eldstar's PowersEdit

  • Powers
    • Focus
    • Refresh
  • Powers Obtained: Chapter 1: Storming Koopa Bros. Fortress
  • What his powers do
    • Focus: Boosts Star energy.
    • Refresh: Replenishes Mario's HP and FP by 5.
  • Star Power needed
    • Focus: None.
    • Refresh: 1

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