Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden is a video game from the Dragon Ball series that was only released in Japan and Europe for the SNES/Super Famicom in 1993. It was never


released in North America but it would be translated to Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story. There are a total of 13 playable characters (5 have to be unlocked, including the Super Saiyan forms of Goku and Vegeta). The story spans from the final story of Dragon Ball to the end of the Cell Games.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay consists of one fighter (typically a saiyan or android) fighting another. If one fighter goes too far away from the other, the screen is split by a line that moves accordingly to how the fighters are moving. For example, if one fighter is below another, the screen is split by a horizontal line. If one of the fighters moves down so they're on the same level but still not close enough, the line moves to a vertical position. If a fighter moves diagonally, the line moves diagonally, and so on. This part of the game wasn't praised because of the distraction it caused. All of the other features are similar to any other Dragon Ball game. Fighters can use standard combat if they're close enough to their opponent. If the fighter has enough dragon power, they can use dragon balls and other special moves like Spirit Bombs. 


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