Dragon Ball 3: Gokuuden

Dragon ball 3 box art

Developer: Bandai
Publisher: Bandai
Series: Dragon Ball
Genres: Fighting
Release date(s): 1989
Media Cartridge
Platforms NES, WonderSwan Color

Dragon Ball 3: Gokuuden is a game in the Dragon Ball series released exclusively for the WonderSwan Color and Famicom. The game stars the main character of the manga and anime, Goku, along with his two friends Krillin and Yamcha.


As in many early Dragon Ball games, the player must choose cards on the world map. Depending on the value of the card, you can move spaces and also have advantages in battle. The rest of the game consists of training and battling to advance the plot.


The game starts from the point of young Goku, and spans to his adulthood and even his marriage. Starting from when he meets Bulma, who wants him to help her collect the seven Dragon Balls, which can grant any wish, including something as major as revival. Soon, Goku meets two other fighters who become his friends as well. During his journey, he gains enemies and friendhips and even gets to fight as a Super Saiyan.

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