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Darla Gratch was a robot reporter for Channel 64 News, and formerly Channel 2 News. Whether it be Amoeboids, Protopets, or Tyhrranoids, she was always on the scene to happily cover the latest galaxy-threatening disaster. She always seemed completely oblivious to the scenes of carnage and chaos around her, and as she signed off, she was nearly always seen about to be eaten, attacked, or otherwise destroyed somehow. How she survived each attack was a mystery, although it was possible that there were many Darla Gratches, or that a new one was created every time that she was destroyed.

She was first seen reporting for Channel 2 News in Ratchet & Clank, covering the Blackwater City Hoverboard race and the appearance of Amoeboids in the city. As she signed off, an Amoeboid was behind her, mouth open, ready to swallow her whole. However, she later returned to cover a story live from the ruins of Gorda City (note that this is one of the only times she is seen not about to be destroyed). This was the only time where she was seen damaged, as a part of her head and one of her fingers was destroyed. She apparently covered news stories in the Bogon Galaxy as well, as she happily gave a report working for Channel 64 News on the "Protopetmania" that was sweeping Allgon City, oblivious to the death and destruction being caused by the creatures all around her. She was seen on the verge of being attacked and devoured by a group of Protopets just before she signed off, but she once again returned to cover a story on the Tyhrranoid invasion of Veldin. As she signed off, a group of Tyhrranoids were aiming their blasters at her.

Darla appeared on Tyhrranosis during the Galactic invasion to interview Captain Qwark on "his" victory over the Momma Tyhrranoid, which Ratchet actually destroyed. Qwark proceeded to brag about his "massive guns", and accidentally knocked Darla flat while showing himself off to his fans (note: this is one of the only times she is not seen about to be destroyed). She was also seen reporting at the premiere of the Secret Agent Clank film, and this along with her reports at Gorda City and the Korgon Base was one of the only times she was seen not about to be destroyed.

She also appeared in Ratchet's Dreamtime, where she floated in the background along with other characters from Ratchet's past adventures.

In Secret Agent Clank, Darla reported about the Eye of Infinity being stolen by Ratchet in the intro, meaning that the reports that she had not been seen about to be destroyed in a total of four.

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