Clyde is one of the four members of the Ghost Gang in the Pac-Man series of games. He is the cowardly one of the bunch. When fighting Pac-Man he does his best to stay away. Because of this, Clyde is concidered a coward.

About himself Edit

Clyde is a really strange ghost. Unlike the rest, Clyde prefers to stay away from Pac-Man. He is very afraid of getting eaten by him. It is uncommon for Pac-Man to be killed by Clyde.

Relationship with the other ghosts Edit

Clyde seems to be great friends with Blinky (they are seen playing catch with the golden fruit in Pac-Man World 2). Blyde sometimes teases Blinky and Blinky sometimes teases Clyde. They both are fond of Inky, and Pinky is a friend to Clyde as well. The other ghosts that appear in the games such as Miru are strict enemies of Clyde and the rest of the ghosts because they are concidered trators. The ghosts, especially Clyde, have a big hatred of these ghosts.

It is not known what Clyde thinks of the commons.

Fighting style Edit

Clyde is a pacifist. He doesn't like to fight, however, he does encourage his friends to "kill" Pac-Man. Clyde does occasionally like to fight, but he'd rather have the fight over with rather than enjoy combat. Clyde is not a good fighter.

Relationship with the Pac-Man family Edit

Pacman is Clyde's biggest enemy. Due to this, Clyde has a big hatred for the rest of the Pac-Man family.