Blurps are green colored, goggle-wearing fish encountered in the various underwater levels of Super Mario World. Blurps, like Cheep-Cheeps, will often simply swim aimlessly in one direction, injuring Mario if it collides with him. As Blurps are fairly weak, they can simply be defeated by shooting a fireball at them as Fire Mario or by bashing them with a cape as Cape Mario. They are considered cousins of Cheep-Cheep (in fact, they have a similar name in Japanese - Bukubuku).

Blurps make a reappearance as underwater enemies in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Much like their Super Mario World counterparts, Blurps aimless swim in one direction and can be defeated by a fireball. Blurps are found primarily in the Turtle Zone.

Like various enemies of Super Mario World, Blurps also return in Super Princess Peach. Some of them are affected by the rage vibe of the Vibe Scepter and are called Mad Blurps. They will pursue Peach if she is in front of then.

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