The Blitz Gun was a Megacorp weapon that blasted a wide shower of scatter shots followed by arcs of lightening. It delivered more damage at close range. It was good for attacking enemies at point-blank range, but it was no good in a long-distance firefight. And it was also useful taking down groups of enemies. It served as Going Commando's shotgun type weapon, the first in the series. It also featured the classic pump action reload mechanic in the side handle after each shot, making it not too quick to reload.


The Blitz Gun could upgrade a further three times, if including mega and ultra upgrades bought from Megacorp.

  • Blitz Cannon
  • Mega Blitz Cannon
  • Ultra Blitz Cannon

Up Your Arsenal multiplayerEdit

This weapon was included in the Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Multiplayer mode. When upgraded it kept the name "Blitz Gun" but increased its power.

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