Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII is a flight combat game for the PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3[1] and the Wii[1]. It was released by Ubisoft during the second fiscal quarter of 2006 for both the North American and European regions. The game features 46 different World War II planes and allows the player to take part in numerous famous events (18 missions) from the war as a fictional squadron. Online support allows 16 players to take part in head-to-head and co-operative play battles. It was released on March 24, 2006 i{{Welcome{{Welcome{{Welcome{{Welcome{{Welcome{{CharacterInfoboxTemplate:CharacterInfobox}}}}}}}}}}}}n the US, and March 31, 2006 in Europe.

On August 3, 2006 Ubisoft announced that the game would also be released for the Wii as a launch title.[2] However the game was postponed, and did not make the Wii launch. It was released on Wii on March 20, 2007. On August 16, 2006 Ubisoft announced that the game would also be released for the PlayStation 3 and that it will be a launch title.[3] This version features all-new missions, a 16 players online mode and support for PS3's controller motion sensing functions.

The European Windows version is protected by StarForce. At least one published American Windows version also uses StarForce.

As of 2007 an Arcade Version was in the works by Global VR and Mine Shaft Entertainment, and was released in 2008.


The Eagle Squadron is the name of the player's squadron in the game. It is made up of the player, Tom "The shield", Joe "The mechanical wizard" and Frank "The hunter". The player's name is not revealed in the game, but some pilots call him "Captain". Also featured is a German Ace, that the player first encounters during the Battle of Britain, throwing insults at the squadron. He appears again in the final mission of the game, 1945 Berlin leading the Nowotny Squadron also known as Jagdgeschwader 7, a squadron of elite German aces flying the experimental jet planes Germany was trying to create. He is identified when he proclaims, "I hear the famous Angels of Dunkirk are here, lets introduce them to the Devils of Berlin," to which Frank, surprised, responds with, "It's that son of a ***** from London!" The Ace is shot down by the player when he nearly kills Tom.


Blazing Angels received lukewarm reviews from most critics. It was criticized for its repetitive gameplay, sluggish controls and bland graphics, though it was appreciated for its 'epic' feel.

Most criticisms were dealt with in the sequel, Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII.

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