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The Blarg Tactical Research Station (BTS) was Chairman Drek's research lab and weapons-testing center. The Grind Boots were developed here, as were many other illegal gadgets. The Station was in the Nebula G34 and was connected to several asteroids.

Testing StationEdit

While in BTS, Ratchet and Clank can travel to a warship outside the Station, which contains new Blargian technology. The duo can activate the warship's self-destruct system, which will cause a countdown to commence, giving Ratchet and Clank enough time to escape the ship before it explodes

Outside BTSEdit

Clank can be controlled for the first time in the Ratchet & Clank games by exploring outside the station, where Ratchet cannot go without an O2 Mask. It is there that the gadgebots make their first appearance, and where Clank finds the Hydrodisplacer.


While exploring the station, Ratchet and Clank encounter the Alien Queen, a huge version of the Space Mutants encountered throughout BTS.

Characters on BTSEdit

  • Fred


  • Alien Queen
  • Blarg Space Commandos
  • Alien swarmers
  • Space Mutant


  • Hydrodisplacer
  • Grind Boots

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