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Blackwater City was a large city located on planet Rilgar, best known for its Hoverboard races. Apparently, Captain Qwark once saved the city from Dr. Nefarious's Amoeboids, and he later visited the city to "present" the grand prize for the Intergalactic Hoverboard Championship. Ratchet and Clank came to the city to win the Hoverboard race in the hopes of meeting Qwark himself - notably, the city was still infested with Amoeboids, so Qwark's story about liberating the city may have been somewhat exaggerated. The City Administration, however ensured Darla Gratch in a news report, that the invasion was to be dealt with. Shady Salesman Billy once lurked downtown in the City, trying to sell a stolen R.Y.N.O., although he had since relocated elsewhere. The city was attacked by Tyhrranoids two years after Ratchet and Clank's first visit, although Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers were able to stop the attack and liberate the city. Blackwater City was very similar to Canal City.

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